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Zeref Awakens

Fairy Tail Zeref Awakens is the third video game in the Fairy Tail series. It covers the Oración Seis through to Grimoire Heart story-lines, but with the addition of an extra story line: the Mage Hunting Arc.

Mage Hunting Arc


The Mage Hunting Arc occurs sometime after Fairy Tail returns from Edolas but before the Grand Magic Games.


Fairy Tail investigate the disappearance of mages from several guilds - including Lamia Scale.

Erza helps Iris

Erza helps Iris

Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray and Happy encounter Iris, they help her as she has been injured. They warn her to leave as a dragon had been sighted, making the area dangerous. As the Fairy Tail mages continue on a dragon appears and battles them.

The group encounter Iris again along with Gajeel and realize she is involved with the incident, they battle her once more.

Gray, Erza and Lucy head out that night and encounter a mysterious Masked Mage, however instead of fighting the mage summons a Wyvern to deal with the mages.

Masked Mage

The Masked Mage appears

The mages encounter Iris again and battle her, after the battle the Masked Mage - whom Iris refers to as "Father" reveals himself - only to leave soon after.

The Fairy Tail mages battle Dragon Iris when she appears in Magnolia. The Masked Mage appears and tells Iris to keep battling and gain more magic power, Iris releases a light - turning Lisanna, Carla and Juvia into Lacrimas in order to take their magic power.

The Dragon Slayers follow Iris and battle her once more, defeating her and reverting her to her human form, the Masked Mage reveals that she is a fake Dragon and that he expected the Dragon Slayers to beat her. He reveals his plan was to use the magic of the Dragon Slayers to become one himself.

Dragon Ivan's defeat

Ivan is defeated

The mages battle the Masked Mage but he escapes. Natsu, Laxus, Gajeel and Wendy head to the forest and shockingly encounter Igneel, after defeating him they realize he was an illusion created by the Masked Mage. The Masked Mage then reveals that he has gained enough power to become a Dragon Slayer, and transforms into a Dragon.

Fairy Tail's Strongest Team and Laxus together defeat the dragon with a unison raid, with his defeat everyone who was turned into a Lacrima is reverted back to normal. It is revealed that the Masked Mage was in fact Ivan Dreyar, with Iris rushing to his aid. Ivan realizes this was a failure and retreats, excommunicating Iris.

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